KT Tape

Kinesiotape is a thin elastic tape that is applied to the skin to help maintain normal function as well as provide pain relief during sports or activities of daily living.

How Does It Work?

Our doctors at Higher Elevations Chiropractic can apply KT Tape along a specific muscle or muscle group, tendon, and/or ligament to create an external support that allows you to stay active while recovering from injuries or generalized pain. The tape creates a neuromuscular feedback known as proprioception that restricts or promotes a stronger contraction within the muscle and tendons, providing support and strength without restrictions or braces.

Benefits Of KT Tape:

• Decreased pain during active and inactive activity
• Decompresses an area of sweeping reducing inflammation
• Decreased fatigue
• Normalized muscle tone and motion without compensation
• Spreads out pain and pressure

Conditions Treated:

• Muscle pain and imbalance
• Joint pain(wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, etc)
• Inflammation
• Hernia support
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Myositis

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