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Today most individuals have a demanding schedules, whether it is long hours at work,picking up your kids, or taking them to extracurricular activities or, or even grocery shopping all while having to fight through rush hour traffic. If you add a doctors appointment, where does your time fit in? Where do you find the time to see a doctor without having to take time off work or miss out on another opportunity such as watching you kid play soccer game?

At Higher Elevations Chiropractic we have the solution. Dr Vukelich has been offering house calls, office calls and even special event calls such as at the X-Games for athletes that needed immediate care before there next event. Our Mobile visits provide an unprecedented experience thats eliminates waiting rooms, traffic, time off work, or even the stress of the busiest schedules as we come to you. Whether your at home, your office, or even a friends house, we are capable of coming to you and providing the treatment you need and deserve. Additionally, we give you the one on one time you deserve, in a place that is convenient for you.

What To Expect:

On the first visit the doctor will have you fill out all the necessary paper work that is pertinent to diagnosing and treating your problem. If you don’t have a problem and are just looking for a wellness adjustment, we can do that as well. Dr. Vukelich will sit with you and discuss you medical history, pinpointing the cause and effect of your condition/s. He will perform a full examination, that will further detail the characteristic of your condition. Dr. Vukelich will then start providing treatment to alleviate and resolve the condition allowing you to get back to the things you love to do.

* When providing house, office or other calls Dr. Vukelich will need a small space to set up a table so he can provide the most beneficial treatment possible.

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