Myofascial Release

In between the skin and muscles, there’s a layer of fibrous tissue called the fascia. This spiderweb-like tissue adheres your skin to your muscles and acts as a support system promoting healthy movement. Normally, your muscles can glide and slide freely; however, when there’s an injury to the area, the body produces an increase of fibrous tissue, severely restricting and impeding the gliding motion. This can create pulls, tensions, and painful pressure.

What We Do

At Higher Elevations Chiropractic, we use a tool that allows us to scrap the surface tissue, breaking and stretching the fibrous adhesions, restoring the muscle movement, reducing scar tissue, and promoting neurological stimulation.

Benefits Of Myofascial Release:

• Increased pliability of muscle and tendon tissue
• Increased muscle mobility
• Restoration of normal motions
• Reduction of scar tissue

Conditions Treated With Myofascial Release:

• Plantar fasciitis
• Fibrous adhesions
• Adhesive capsulitis
• Scar tissue
• Muscle tightness and restriction
• Soft tissue disorders, injuries

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